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About Us

About Us

With a couple of years experience in photography and another creative field, Camio Pictures were formed by a bunch of creative people with the desire to explore what their love in a professional way. We are a team of photographer, art director, and creative supports that working closely to capture your story. We focus on Wedding & Prewedding and another precious moment with your closest ones, photo trips, family, maternity moment, etc. We have this urge as well to capture the connection of warmth and togetherness in a warmth and modern way and deliver a conceptual picture that personally characterizes your story the most. 

We believe the digital era simplify your life, so this making us expand to the e-commerce photo website when you can simply pick your Photo Package or Additional Services for your events. Just add to cart, check out the packages, and you can easily make terms or pay monthly as you want until the due date.

As we grow on this Photo Company, we really sure we couldn't achieve more than 300 wedding events from 2013 without our professional partnership. So you can see our great partnership from the various field from makeup artist, wedding organizer until venue. and sure, the best price from them.